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What’s a VHS?

I vaguely recall DVD’s, but what the heck is a VHS? (And I saw this here in Silicon Valley of all places!)

Gold-flecked steak in Silicon Valley – an indicator?

News Item: Silicon Valley (Los Altos) wagyu beef omakase restaurant offering $150 sandwiches and a $600 steak sprinkled in gold leaf. This is proof that: (a) Silicon Valley is long on $$$, but short on sophistication. (b) The bubble is reaching its peak. (c) Both (a) and (b).

Trade Your Troubles For A Bubble!

As the interminable election season draws to a close, this 1946 vision from Amazing Stories Magazine of trading one’s troubles for life in an atomic-powered rolling bubble seems strangely appealing!

Robotic traffic jams are already here!

Earlier last week, I found myself stuck in an only-in-Silicon-Valley traffic jam.  In front of me was a Google geo-survey vehicle, and behind me was a Google robotic car.  And it was was hardly the weirdest traffic jam I have found myself in. A few months back, while taking a short cut past the Google … read more →