Hypergraphic house scribbler strikes again!

Hypergraphia — the compulsive, uncontrollable urge to write — is usually a private obsession leaving behind reams and reams of scribbled sheets of paper, but little for the public to see. But in the Bay Area suburb of San Mateo, a woman has found a very public outlet for her hypergraphic compulsion — she covered her house from foundation to chimney in hand-painted messages whispered to her by God. And for good measure, she also scribbled all over her car.

But even as the City was scratching it’s collective head over how to erase her first text-covered abode, the Hypergraphic Lady struck again, this time on a second house, which in a few hours she covered with the text pouring from her soul. The neighbors are not amused — they must suffer drive-by visitors and the fear that the weirdness is affecting their property values– but I can’t shake the feeling that this is art. This is not mere random screed; the typography has a wonderful style to it, and the words are strangely evocative. I can’t shake the feeling that the only thing crazy about this painter is that she chose the wrong canvas for her art.

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