Microsoft, spare me the music

No, I don’t mean the music on your new Zune iPod wanna-be; it’s the start-up jingle on your new OS, Vista that is the problem. At least with Zune I can change the tunes to my taste, but every time I start my computer I am forced to hear the Windows jingle. Don’t get me wrong –some of your start-up tunes over the years haven’t been terrific (Brian Eno’s opening riff for Windows95 was arguably better than the OS) — but after a jillion times hearing it, even the best tune gets tedious.

So, it is not too late to fix Vista. Instead of one drab jingle, why not let users pick among a choice of tunes. Or better, let users upload their own music to a start-up tune library the same way one can choose the ring-tone on a cell phone, or the photo background on computer screens.